List of CSMS certified organizations

8 February 2024

The number of certified organizations : 3
This list is created based on the data reported to us in English from accredited CSMS certification bodies and no modifications in nor additions to the original data are made by us. Please note that this list does not encompass all certified organizations. (not include reported in Japanese only.)

Name of Company Certificate Number Certification Body
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. CYSMS 732084 BSI-J
Metawater Co.,Ltd. CYSMS 652379 BSI-J
MHI Power Control Systems Co.,Ltd. CYSMS 715744 BSI-J
Note1: Certified organizations are arranged in alphabetical order.
Note2: The information of certified organizations has been published with the consent of accredited certification bodies.
Note3: The publication of the information of certified organizations may delay due to some procedural matters.

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